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As a Charitable Trust our mission is to provide an extraordinary range of cultural, leisure and health related facilities and services that allow local people to lead a great life.

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Can gut health affect your weight?

One of the common questions I am asked by people is how to lose weight. For many people this is simple eat less and move more which indeed is a big part of it, but many people have found this isn't th...

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February Fit Tip Blog - Healthy Heart

Your heart will beat approximately 2.21bn times in your lifetime. It pumps around 5 litres of blood around your body, allowing oxygen and nutrients to be delivered to your cells and waste products to ...

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Are we becoming a Nation of Fussy Eaters?

A recent survey showed that 69% of British toddlers sometimes refuse to eat their food at meal times with 13% refusing food at every meal. In France, on the other hand, only 13% of parents resort to b...

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Wholegrains and weight management

Wholegrains may not seem the most exciting subject but they offer many health benefits as they are full of nutrients and fibre. They are also promoted as an aid to weight management and with the start...

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