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As a Charitable Trust our mission is to provide an extraordinary range of cultural, leisure and health related facilities and services that allow local people to lead a great life.

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Supporter Stories - Amelia

Just over a year ago, Amelia gave powerlifting a go, and has never looked back.

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March Fit Tip Blog

On the 13 - 19th March we are celebrating Nutrition & Hydration Week so we are challenging you feed your body better this month.

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Can gut health affect your weight?

One of the common questions I am asked by people is how to lose weight. For many people this is simple eat less and move more which indeed is a big part of it, but many people have found this isn't th...

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February Fit Tip Blog - Healthy Heart

Your heart will beat approximately 2.21bn times in your lifetime. It pumps around 5 litres of blood around your body, allowing oxygen and nutrients to be delivered to your cells and waste products to ...

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