April Fit Tip Blog - Fit at Play

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So Festival has just announced PLAY as it's theme for 2017 - here are some fit tips to celebrate this theme

Play and recreation are important for good health. Look for opportunities such as these to be active and have fun at the same time:

  • When planning family outings and vacations, try to include at least 1 physical activity every day (walking, cycling, hiking, backpacking, swimming, etc.)

  • When going out to a show or festival, take extra time to walk to the venue. You will enjoy the journey more and get some exercise in too.

  • Explore new cities (or even local villages) on foot. It's amazing what you will see when taking life at a slower pace.

  • Make a date with a friend to enjoy your favourite physical activities. Do them regularly.

  • Play your favourite music while exercising, it will add some extra enjoyment to your workout.

  • Dance! Whether on your own around the house, with the kids, with friends or your partner, dancing is a fantastically fun way to keep fit. Make sure you hit the dance floor on fast numbers - it's more fun and you'll work harder!

  • Are you planning a trip to the beach? Why not sit and watch the waves instead of lying flat. Better yet, get up and walk, run or fly a kite.

  • Enjoy golf? Ditch the cart and walk the course instead.

  • Play singles tennis or racquetball instead of doubles.

  • Is it time for a family picnic? Take the children for a walk around the picnic area, woods or field looking for different flowers and creatures. Games like badminton will give you a better workout than croquet.

  • At the lake, rent a rowboat instead of a canoe (rowing gives you a full body workout, whereas canoe is upper-body only).









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