MV Card

You can unlock great savings on leisure activities such as your daily swim, fitness session, or even your child's holiday activities by signing up for a free MV Card

With an MV Card we offer a pricing structure that provides for a variety of customers, including:

  • Those aged 60+
  • People with disabilities
  • Families with no income or a low-income
  • Students in full time education
  • Full details of the scheme can be found on the MV Card Application Form

MV Card holders will get:

  • Reduced prices for activities
  • Priority 7-day booking by phone
  • Special promotions and additional price discount for certain special events
  • Use of MV Card as a deposit for equipment


MV Cards are FREE to East Lindsey (and surrounding districts) residents

Concession MV Cards

To qualify for a concession MV Card you must fall into one of the following categories:

  • Over 60   (concession pricing applies to activity sessions not memberships) 
  • Registered Disabled and in receipt of benefit
  • A student over 16yrs in full time education

Or if you are in receipt of:

  • Job Seekers Allowance
  • Income Support
  • Housing Benefit
  • Incapacity Benefit   

Please download an application form and fill it in, or pick up a form when you are next visiting. Take the completed form, your payment and any proof of status required to any one of our Leisure Centres. 

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Have you signed up for an MV Card, which provides discounts of at least 10% on activities at our leisure centres?

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