Adults should try and be active every day. The NHS  say that adults should do a total of 150 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity every week.

If you’d like to keep active or perhaps enjoy a swim in a quieter session without the noise (and splashing) that family fun time can bring, then we have a range of exercise and sessions that are perfect for you.

From adult only swimming, to mature movers and walking netball – there’s something for all tastes!

Exercise classes

All of our exercise classes are shown on our Exercise classes page, follow the link to find out more.


We offer a variety of sessions to keep you healthy, from nutrition advice to Dementia support. Take a look at our Health page to find out more.

One You Public Health England campaign

Get up-to-date on national health information and advice with One You. Run by the NHS, this website also offers apps and quizs to keep you fit and healthy.

GOGA sessions GOGA

Get Out, Get Active in East Lindsey with this unique blend of social and physical activities to help you #liveagreatlife! National Lottery, Spirit of 2012 funds this project and offers local residents opportunities to take part in physical activity within their community, as well as at Magna Vitae’s core venues.

We deliver activities to a range of venues all over the county for all abilities, because we know sometimes you don’t want to travel to get fit and healthy!

For activities funded by GOGA take a look at the following pages:

For more information contact Lindsay Barrett on on 01507 613448 or email