Nutrition for Health

When faced with a health challenge, few can deny the power of a nutritionally balanced diet in helping to ease the strain on your body. Would you benefit from specialist 1-2-1 nutrition advice to help reduce your symptoms?

Marko Humphrey has decades of experience in guiding people to optimise their diets to meet their individual needs, no matter what challenge you are facing:

nutrition for health

• diabetes
• depressions
• digestive conditions
• skin problems
• asthma
• allergies
• osteoporosis
• menopause
• prostate issues
• gout
• mild hypothyroid
• angina
& many more!


Advice is available as a free 15 minute session, or a full 90 minute consultation with free follow-up sessions as required (just £20 to members or £25 for non-members).

Please contact Marko on or call 01507 613443 / 07767 664 186 to discuss your needs.