Still Me (Dementia & life-altering conditions)

The Still Me dementia support project if brought to you by Magna Vitae and Louth & District Hospice Limited. We aim to significantly improve the experiences of people affected by dementia and other life-altering conditions.

Since the project began we have brought and collaborated on a number of inspiring and innovative workshops which have had a real impact on the community. One carer commented that attending our dementia-friendly swimming session has been “lifechanging”!

Our personal highlights include spending 2 weeks with Big Difference Company, delivering light-hearted interactive comedy sessions which offered a fun way to bring back memories and engage with people affected by the conditionto over 100 participants:

“Thanks for sticking with me today. You’ve brought me out of myself. I haven’t laughed so much in a long time.”

Following on from the positivity and great feedback we have received delivering our Still Me sessions in Louth, Skegness and Horncastle we are pleased to have started new sessions in Maltby and Spilsby delivering activities such as gardening, baking, singing and new age kurling.

We are currently planning ‘The Big Game’, a dementia friendly sports day and networking event. We would love as many people as possible to benefit from this inclusive day of sports for all. Please check it out here, and spread the word!

Still Me Dementia

Could Still Me help you?

Do you know somebody who would benefit from support to take part in gentle exercise, dance, singing sessions, health walks, swimming and other social activities to improve their quality of life?

All participants will receive an initial consultation to discuss their condition and decide which is the best course of activity for them.  Sessions are available as groups or one-to-ones, and we will decide with each individual what is best suited to their needs.

Sessions are available in Louth, Skegness, Horcastle, Maltby-Le-Marsh and Spilsby.

Please contact Tracey Wilkinson for more details on 01507 613461 or 07500020193

still me dementia