Your passport to Leisure...

MV Card benefits:

  • Receive discounts of at least 10% on activities at our leisure centres
  • Priority 7-day booking by phone
  • Special promotions & additional price discount for certain special events
  • Use of MV Card as a deposit for equipment
  • Discount parking at Embassy Swimming Pool & Station Sports Centre

MV Concession Cards offer further discounts for:

  • Those aged 60+
  • People with disabilities
  • Families with no income or a low-income
  • Students in full time education
  • Young people on apprenticeships

MV Cards are FREE to people living in East Lindsey
& surrounding districts

Please download the MV Card Form and fill it in, or pick one up when you are next visiting.

Take the completed form, your payment and any proof of status required to any one of our Leisure Centres.